Q:   How do I set up Werk Perks and issue gift codes to my remote employees?

A:   Fill out the quick form on our website here. We will be in touch and help you get started!


Q:   Can I issue a gift code to one person or does it have to be for multiple people? And can I issue codes one time?

A:   You can Send a Perk which will email a gift code to one person or you can provide us with a list of email addresses and we can send each person a unique code for them to redeem on the store. We can issue codes one time or we can set up a recurring monthly program for you :)


Q:   How do I use the code to redeem my gift? 

A:   When you proceed to checkout you will see a box to enter a "Gift card or discount code". Input or copy and paste your code into that box, then click the "Apply" button. The credits will then be applied to your order. 


Q:   Do I need to create an account on the Werk Perks store to place an order? 

A:   You can create an account or you can place an order as a guest. If you would like to create an account, you can do that here.


Q:   Do I need a gift code to transact on the store?

A:   Yes. The purpose of the store is for people to redeem Werk Perks using gift codes that have been purchased for them. If you order more than the value of your code, you will be prompted to pay with credit card for the remaining balance. 


Q:   When will you deliver my order? 

A:   Your order will be shipped and you will receive it approximately 2-7 days after placing your order. Delivery timing depends on the location of the delivery address (we ship the orders from Toronto).


Q:   Where do you ship? 

A:   Across Canada. 


Q:   Is there tax on the products? Do I need to take tax into consideration when adding products to my cart?

A:   There is no tax on the products in the store. Tax is included on the initial order when the gift codes are purchased. When redeeming a code on the store there is no tax on the items to provide an easier checkout process. 


Q:   What happens to the unused balance on my code?

A:   When issuing codes to remote employees, we bill for the total amount of used gift codes when the month is over (so the company only pays for what is redeemed by the employees). 


Q:   When will my code expire?

A:   Codes will expire after 1 month (we bill at the end of the month for the total amount used). When purchasing a Werk Perks Card, the code will expire after 1 year.

Q:   Can I edit an order I have already submitted?

A:   You can send an email to info@gojava.ca letting us know what you would like to edit on the order. We can remove and refund items but we are not able to add items to an existing order. A new order would need to be placed for the additional items. 


Q:    I am not able to complete my order online for some reason?

A:    If you are not able to complete your order please try using a different browser or clearing your cache on your browser. This should help resolve the issue and enable you to complete your order.


Q:    Why was a different product brand delivered than what I ordered from the website? (or why was a partial refund issued on my order?)

A:    If you order a product that is out of stock, a comparable substitute will be provided or a refund will be issued. We will communicate any substitutions / refunds and provide a choice for the alternative if we can.


Q:   How can I set up a custom order or one-time order of WFH Boxes (snacks, coffee, etc.) or Gift Boxes to send to my remote employees' homes?

A:   Fill out the quick form on our website here. We will be in touch to chat about what you're looking for and coordinate your order.